Aiden Geary: The New Eagle Scout

In the beginning of October 2021, Senior Aiden Geary began work on a kiosk that would be installed in the front of MC. The building project would be part of his journey to become an Eagle Scout. The Eagle Scouts are a high-ranked, performance based group that both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have the opportunity to enter. 

“Originally I wasn’t going to do the kiosk that I built. I was originally thinking of building a bench,” Geary said. “After a lot of Scouts doing benches and how easy it was the council just forbid benches from being built […] unless it was beneficial for a non-profit organization.”

Geary began the project in October with planning and finding the materials like red wood, clear slack, and plexiglass.

“For the Kiosk I actually thought about how one time my parents actually got lost at [the] school because they didn’t know their way around, so that was my original inspiration for the project,” Geary said. “To build something so that parents and volunteers in the school don’t need to bring physical maps. They can just take a picture of the one out in the front.”

Geary is currently in the process of making the map as an unofficial second part of his Eagle Scout project. Geary worked primarily with people from his troup for the construction, and the groundskeepers for the installment. 

“We built the actual thing at my house [then] brought it here to install. […] To build that full frame […] with the legs and everything, that took about four and a half-ish hours. To build the rest of it I would say it totalled about ten hours with an added two to install it in the school with the cement around it,” Geary said. 

MC Groundskeeper John Quinata was one of the people who helped with the installation of the kiosk. 

“All I did was help with placement, and the cementing of it into the ground. [I] closed off a couple sprinklers, […] we moved a couple [plants] just to make room for it. That’s really not an issue because they’ll come right back,” Quinata said.

The kiosk was recently installed on the MC grounds over winter break. 

“[He] and his father and mother came for the installation,” Quinata said. “He worked on it over [winter] break, and when we all came back we put it in.”

After the long process of this project, Geary is ready to become an Eagle Scout.

“I’m currently in the process of having my board of review confirmed. It generally takes about two weeks to have it confirmed and then to go through it,” Geary said.

Once his board of review is confirmed, Geary will be a full fledged member of the long respected group of Eagle Scouts. 

Written by Julia Yates

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