TEDxYouth@MCHS talks and performances

Here are inspirational talks and performances given by community members and fellow sundevils for the TEDxYouth event on the 18th of January.

Christopher Hamilton takes us through the troubled past of the SAT, revealing its secret history and cultural contradictions. Hamilton examines the intricacies of the latest exam, and explains why the newest version may actually be less fair and less meaningful, and why the ACT is, unfortunately, no better—and perhaps has more in common with a carnival game than a traditional college entrance exam.

As a writer and director, Omar has always has a special connection to words. He uses them as tools to share stories and life lessons. In his speech, he speaks of the values of words and their meanings. Along with that, he argues that certain words have been overused and have lost their original value.

As an AVID and English teacher, Susan Randle has had a lot of unique experiences with children that allow her to give this talk. In her talk, she explains the 3 skills that are critical to achieving success.

Marcel Samba, better known as Olympus Mars, points out the flaws in our society through his rap performed with a relaxing hip hop beat.

In this performance, Carson puts a new twist on Nick Lowe’s “Beast in me.” This performance highlights local artistry and shows the importance of music in a student’s life.

With the growth of new technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic surgery, Avrey explains the implications these inventions place on current students. She challenges students to think about the future and the role they want to play in this new age of technological growth.

In this talk, Lindsey challenges her audience to ponder the importance of being human. Beyond test scores and technical learning, she invites her audience to champion the arts and appreciate all types of intelligence.

Tornadoes is an original song written by Kate. The song is inspired by her personal struggle with anxiety. As a student, she has found art to be her creative outlet. Immerse yourself in the song and allow your emotions to unravel with the lyrics.

Written by Warren Phan

warren phan is a senior and will not comply to properly capitalize and punctuate his bio

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