“What was your highlight of this year?”

It was a very busy year for us here at Mt. Carmel. There were records broken, titles won, and achievements made that showed off the many talents of our diverse student body.

First trimester saw the Sundevil football team to the CIF playoffs against the Broncos. The team’s hard work and dedication to their sport payed off, getting farther than they have gotten in many years.

It was also an eventful trimester for the music program. The marching band took a gold medal at the SCSBOA Championships, and the color guard was undefeated.

Theater at the Mount’s production of Much Ado About nothing was a great start to brand new drama teacher Stacy Michelle Walker’s reign. Their take on a Shakespeare classic was one to remember.

Each and every sports team had wonderful seasons. They are undeniably some of the hardest working students here.

ASB was rocking as always, giving us fun pep rallies and dances, making this year even more memorable than the last.

The basketball team also had a good season this winter. Each of the games were lively and exciting.

Mt. Carmel Color Guard gained top in the nation, turning all eyes to them. They walked away with two gold medals and worldwide recognition.

One of the greatest highlights of the spring trimester was Les Miserables. The drama department took on one of the most beloved musicals in the world and they definitely did it justice. They brought such skill and precision to their craft that hooked thousands.

All in all, this was definitely a year to remember.

Written by Gianna Gonzales

Gianna is a senior here at Mt. Carmel. In her free time she works as the prop designer for Theater at the Mount. She loves to travel and eat marshmallows (but not at the same time). One of her simple joys in life is sipping tea with her lipstick squad.

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