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Gianna Gonzales

Gianna is a senior here at Mt. Carmel. In her free time she works as the prop designer for Theater at the Mount. She loves to travel and eat marshmallows (but not at the same time). One of her simple joys in life is sipping tea with her lipstick squad.

LochteGate: Scandal Untangled

  The world has been abuzz with a scandal involving some members of the US Men’s swim team lying and covering up a vandalism at this year’s Rio Olympics. Some of the members of the team claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint at a Rio gas station. However, officials …

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MC Color Guard

Mt. Carmel is home to one of the nation’s top color guard teams. They spend countless hours learning and perfecting their craft. Once the school year ends, some of them have scored contracts with a professional drum corps. Allan Hannanel of the class of 2017 gives us an insight into his …

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Senior Spotlight: Dashawn Copp

Most people walk down the halls and go relatively unnoticed. For senior Dashawn Copp, it’s quite the opposite. Characterized by his luxuriant afro and bright personality, he is easily one of the most recognizable students at the school. He is heavily involved in the arts, and is part of the …

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