LochteGate: Scandal Untangled


The world has been abuzz with a scandal involving some members of the US Men’s swim team lying and covering up a vandalism at this year’s Rio Olympics.

Some of the members of the team claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint at a Rio gas station. However, officials claim that they vandalized the station.

The story has taken the world by storm, becoming a trending hashtag calling the honesty of some of the team into question. With the constant confusion and contradiction of accounts, it has become nearly impossible to tell what really happened.  What did go occur on that Saturday night at that gas station? If you listen to Ryan Lochte, you might never get a straight answer.

From midnight to two a.m. on August 14, Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Cogner, and Jimmy Feigen, had been partying at Club France taking in the success of the team. They continued to celebrate into the early hours of the next day. Around 2:30 the group left the club and hopped into a  taxi and headed to a gas station.

Later that morning, Lochte told the media he had been robbed and held at gunpoint.

As the story broke, the Olympic Committee was quick to dismiss their claim.

 After multiple interviews, the swimmers began giving conflicting reports. A few days later, however, the true story finally surfaced.

It turns out that the drunk swimmers had gone into the gas station and vandalized the bathroom. When the owner saw them an armed security guard was called. To stop the athletes from leaving, they drew their guns until money was paid to cover damages. After they were confronted, the owner then called the Brazilian police.

The Brazilian government seized the passports of Cogner and Bentz and pulled them off their flight in an attempt to further investigate. However, Lochte had already left Brazil.

Once back in the states he apologized, but it was too late to save his endorsements. Many labels including Speedo and Ralph Lauren cut ties with Lochte..

Feigan was ordered by  a US judge to pay over $31,000 and do 15 days community service.

Lochte could face consequences from the Olympic committee such as suspension or fines.

Photo Courtesy of The Bitter Lemon

Written by Gianna Gonzales

Gianna is a senior here at Mt. Carmel. In her free time she works as the prop designer for Theater at the Mount. She loves to travel and eat marshmallows (but not at the same time). One of her simple joys in life is sipping tea with her lipstick squad.

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