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Senior Spotlight: Dashawn Copp

Photo Credit || Gianna Gonzales

Most people walk down the halls and go relatively unnoticed. For senior Dashawn Copp, it’s quite the opposite. Characterized by his luxuriant afro and bright personality, he is easily one of the most recognizable students at the school.
He is heavily involved in the arts, and is part of the school’s top choir.
“I like singing, long boarding, and dancing,” Copp said.
In his spare time he practices his music for choir, and works at The Habit Burger, where many MC Students are regulars.
Even with its rigorous time commitment, Dashawn still manages to stay involved in performing arts.
“My favorite part about being in the arts is that after your done singing or performing, and you finally stop, that pause right before they clap is the best thing ever because your heart stops,” he told us.
“The stage is where I feel the most confident… I love to sing on stage, because it lets me bring out a part of me that most people don’t see.”
It hasn’t been the easiest road for him. Throughout his high school career, Dashawn has had his fair share of struggles, but despite these he has been able to persevere.
“The best decision I made is to be in classical and get my grades up because it’s putting me so far,” he told us.
He credits, choir director Mrs. Martinez as being one of his biggest motivators.
As the end of senior year grows closer and closer, Dashawn sees a bright future ahead.
“I want to get into auto mechanics and it’s starting to pan out the way I want it to,” Copp said.
Deshawn has big dreams and a big personality to match.
“I love to be the center of attention, be that loud person and make people laugh,” Copp said.
He is leaving a legacy here at Mt. Carmel and offers some advice to everyone here:
“No matter how far you think that you’re in the dumps, keep pursuing what you think is right.”

About Gianna Gonzales

Gianna Gonzales
Gianna is a senior here at Mt. Carmel. In her free time she works as the prop designer for Theater at the Mount. She loves to travel and eat marshmallows (but not at the same time). One of her simple joys in life is sipping tea with her lipstick squad.

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  1. Tim Calver

    Dashawn is an awesome kid. Love seeing this guy around campus, full of spirit!

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