“Together”, Philippine Culture Night 2016


Photo Credit: Michelle Bernabe

For the past few months, Mt. Carmel’s Filipino American club has been hard at work. Each year for the past 15 years, they have put on an exhibition providing an insight into the Filipino culture, as well as showcasing the talents of their members. This year the theme was “Magkasama”, which translates to”Together”. The skit, which was student written and acted, centered around two students trying to make a relationship work, despite family issues keeping them apart. Interwoven between the scenes of the skit were performances from various groups such as MI, Home Made,the MC Breakers, Rendition, Eliza and Erwin, and the Mt. Carmel Color Guard. Not only did these acts entertain, but they  also brought the audience a taste of traditional Filipino culture. The crowd was receptive and entertained. There is no doubt that PCN accomplished its goal of the evening: bringing people together.

Music Credit- Work from Home by Fifth Harmony

Video Credit- Matthew Javier

Written by Gianna Gonzales

Gianna is a senior here at Mt. Carmel. In her free time she works as the prop designer for Theater at the Mount. She loves to travel and eat marshmallows (but not at the same time). One of her simple joys in life is sipping tea with her lipstick squad.

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