Picture Credit: http://www.united-academics.org/mind-brain/walking-in-circles/

Sundevil Survival Guide


Picture Credit: http://www.united-academics.org/mind-brain/walking-in-circles/
Picture Credit: http://www.united-academics.org/mind-brain/walking-in-circles/

At the beginning of the year, Principal Greg Magno published the Sundevil Way Success Guide, advertised as “a different kind of student handbook.” The guide claims that it teaches you “everything you need to know about having a successful four years at MC.” However, the amount of information necessary to have a  prosperous career at MC is so vast that no one publication could ever include the amount of knowledge needed to thrive in such a diverse environment. To combat this, we have compiled some basic tips to aid in your survival and time at MC.

  1. Navigating the halls of life can be tricky,  and navigating the halls of MC can be even more complex. We recommend bringing the necessary items for basic navigation such as a compass, updated maps, and charts with astronomical bearings.  These will ensure that no matter where you are on campus, your location can be determined. “I definitely recommend buying a high quality GPS and first aid kit,” said sophomore Lindy Verhage. “You want to make sure you have a long lasting battery, or a solar powered model,  as you don’t want to find yourself lost without a way to figure out where you are.” Keep in mind that the red and yellow markings at the front of the school designate a potentially hazardous zone that should never be stepped on.
  1. In terms of survival, one of the most important aspects is keeping yourself well nourished. When the cafeteria isn’t serving caesar salad wraps, or if the kiosks happen to be out of food for the day, arm yourself with the proper tools to avoid malnourishment. While foraging is an option, the plant life at MC tends to be poisonous, and is not  recommended due to the possible use of insecticide or the ingestion of dirt. Instead, make sure to include an ample supply of dehydrated food in your backpack. These can easily be rehydrated with sources of water. We have identified at least 10 main sources of clean water, and they are conveniently located in, on, and around classrooms. Plan a fun scavenger hunt and try to identify all the fresh springs on campus.
  2. The flora and fauna of MC do not pose any direct threat to humans (unless ingested of course). Try to befriend locals, but don’t be afraid to stray away from the herd mentality. Scenes of rambunctiousness can be seen around fall football season, and feel free to join in with these fun rituals.
  3. Regulating temperature. You may be aware that the climate at MC is constantly fluctuating. Depending on whose classroom you may be stationed in, the microclimates can vary drastically. We recommend packing a feather/down parka or an electric blanket for rooms in the science building. In the event of an emergency, or a rather long powerpoint, these can be used as sleeping bags or shelters. Keep in mind that poisonous and smelly gases may leak into this building from time to time, so pack with this precaution in mind.
  4. Take it an extra step further and prepare for those heavy El Niño rains expected to come- any day now. Inflatable rafts and scuba gear should be enough to prepare you for any wet weather- whether it be monsoonal storms or swim PE.

Any good backpacker knows that a great hike begins with the proper precautions taken at the beginning. Although MC may seem like an intimidating environment, in no time at all you will find that this unique ecosystem is home to some of the most fascinating and fun people on the globe. Armed with your full page map and inflatable raft, you’ll be conquering this campus in no time.

Written by Shalom Fadullon

Shalom is a sophomore staff writer who loves chocolate covered pretzels and can commonly be found on the beach. She enjoys swimming, playing guitar, and is probably a little sunburned.

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