The Spikeball Revolution

Every Wednesday and Friday at lunch MC students can catch enthusiastic players strategizing with their teammate or laughing with the dozens of spectators. Upon first glance, the game looks complex and confusing, but it is quite simple with experience.

Spikeball has taken the school by storm and even has it’s own club here at MC. Spikeball is a game composed of 2 teams of 2 players who compete to bounce a ball off a net and throw the other team off balance to make the ball drop, similarly to volleyball.

Physics teacher and avid spikeball player Mike Bird founded spikeball club three years ago after being approached by several students. Over time, Mr. Bird was impressed with the rapid growth of the club

“We started with two nets and now we are up to seven,” Bird said. “It first started with a couple of kids that were interested and then it’s just gone up from there.”

The club has grown because of the overwhelming interest of the student body. Junior and spikeball enthusiast Tyler Strangman plays every Friday and enjoys every minute

“For me, spikeball at lunch is just a fun time to go out and play with friends,” Strangman said. “It’s awesome because I love seeing my buddies get better at the game.”

Growth and development are two things that Bird takes pride in as club founder.

“My favorite part about spikeball club here at MC is seeing new people come out and try it for the first time and then enjoy it and get better,” Bird said. “I love having new people come play and fall in love with the game.”

Because lunchtime spikeball is laid back and noncompetitive, new people are always welcome to try out spikeball for the first time.

“It’s not super competitive but it helps everyone that wants to get a better understanding of the game,” Strangman said.

Besides being a fun and laid-back sport, spikeball is challenging because it combines hand-eye coordination and quickness with teamwork and intelligence.

“I just love this sport from an athletic and competitive standpoint because it has so many different components,” Bird said. “We used to only go one day a week last year but the students wanted two days so we are out there every Wednesday and Friday now.

If you think you have what it takes, come out to the quad at lunch on Wednesday or Friday at lunch with a partner of your choice. Who knows, your first opponent may be Mr. Bird or even  Principal Magno.

photo taken by Michelle Bernabe

Written by Jared Garcia

Jared is a staff writer and Wings n Things addict who enjoys playing baseball for the MC Sundevils.

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