The Unavoidable Senior “Sickness”

senioritisOn the first day of every high school student’s senior year, a strange disease begins to manifest itself. This potent virus lays dormant from the start of an individuals freshman year; it is unavoidable and its symptoms vary in their severity and apparentness.

Commonly known as Senioritis, this epidemic has affected a shockingly large number of students worldwide. The only cure seems to be commencement, but it is important to be aware of the symptoms and be compassionate towards those who await the cure.

For most students, the first signs of infection present themselves at the end of junior year, as students prepare to select their classes for the fall. According to senior Homer Steins, choosing classes for his senior year proved especially difficult as he lacked motivation altogether.

“I made all of my classes as easy as possible, because… well it’s my last year and I want to enjoy it, free of stress and burdens,” Stein said.

Fortunately, students find many ways to cope with this lack of drive and lethargy. Some spend days at home in an attempt to recover and rejuvenate themselves after years of rigorous high school courses. However, few teachers are compassionate towards this issue. This tension can put a strain on the student-teacher relationship.

Senior James Warren has been unavailable for comment on the issue as he has been absent for almost a week – blatant evidence of a full-fledged Senioritis infection.

For the 2015 senior class, the road to recovery is long and tedious. And to those who await infection, be compassionate towards those affected and remember that everyone must battle Senioritis before he or she escapes the clutches of the rollercoaster that is  high school.

Written by Annie Dabasinskas

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