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Girl saves squirrel from shrub: a holiday miracle

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Tis’ the season of Christmas miracles! During the most wonderful time of the year, seasonal phenomena occur that restore an individual’s faith in the future of humanity. On Tuesday the 16th, an event took place that embodied the very essence of this magical time of year.

Mary Bella, a freshman at MC, appears to be a seemingly ordinary student. Of average height and possessing a quiet disposition, few would expect that she would be capable of such an astounding feat of selflessness.

“I was walking through the halls when I dropped my peanut butter and jelly sandwich near one of the planters in the quad. I bent down to pick it up and I saw a squirrel stuck in a shrub near by,” Bella said.

Then, the miracle took place. In a sudden rush of compassion, Bella reached down and attempted to free the desperate squirrel-knowingly risking her life to save a dangerous wild animal.

“When I reached down, the squirrel was looking right at me. It was small and really cute so I reached into the bush to see if it would let me touch it,” Bella said, recounting the perilous situation.

From this moment on both Bella’s life and the life of the squirrel was forever changed. In the same way that a fireman saves a woman from a burning building, Bella acted out of her intrinsic sense of compassion and, perhaps, the holiday spirit that runs rampant during the winter months.

The reaction of the squirrel to Bella’s rescue attempt was unprecedented and Bella was lucky enough to escape unscathed from the close encounter. Dealing with wild animals is no laughing matter and Bella handled the precarious situation with the utmost care and delicacy.

“Well, as soon as I stuck my hand in the shrub the squirrel freaked out and started trying to hop onto the ground away from me. He was really tucked in there so it took him a second to get out. Then he just ran away,” Bella said.

A suffering squirrel. A heroic rescue performed by a seemingly ordinary civilian. These are the virtuous acts that bring to life the spirit of the holiday season, selfless giving to those in need.

Although this event will soon be lost amidst the stories of terror and hate that fill the news today, the reverberations of this kindness will continue to impact the lives of countless Sundevils at MC.

Written by Annie Dabasinskas

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