Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

Urban Culture Club tears it up

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

If you’ve ever walked past K-28 during lunch on Wednesdays, you probably heard a mixture of beats, rapping, and rhymes as MC seniors Minh Hong and Kevin Tran explore the realm of Urban Culture.

“Kevin and I wanted a place where people could discover urban art, and discover the hip hop movement,” Hong said.

The club strives to educate students in everything that has to do with urban culture and the undulating bass or quick wit of hip hop.

“When he says urban culture, he means hip hop, and hip hop encompasses graffiti, dancing, that’s choreo or break dancing, rapping, beat producing, and djing,” Tran said. “Initially, the objective of the club was to not only educate others on the hip hop culture, but also to get others interested in participating in the culture”.

With their unique specialties, club members can help anyone who wishes to delve into any part of urban culture.

“For instan

ce, I would be teaching people how to rap. Minh, on the other hand, would teach people how to make a beat,” Tran said.

After a few meetings, the club has developed a rap heavy culture.

“After trial and error, it is mostly freestyling,” Tran said. “We got a lot of MC rappers, so it’s a place where people can join together and start rapping about whatever they want.”

When it all comes together, the club is consumed by an electric atmosphere; everyone in the club transforms into rap geniuses looking to score against opponents, which results in Tran’s favorite moments.

“When the beat drops, and I start killin’, I’m lookin like Al Capone in here,” Tran said.

The club is open to anyone who enjoys any aspect of urban culture, and meets in K-28 every Wednesday during lunch.

“Anyone who is interested in the hip hop culture, or the urban culture movement [is welcome],” Hong said. “[If] you wanna hear people go at it, Urban Culture Club is the place to go.”

Written by Brandon Noyes

This year is Bradon's first year on staff, where he is a writer. He is in Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, and is on the swim team. Brandon enjoys skiing, sailing, and eating most foods.

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