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ASB Director faces possible reprimands from administration.

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Several weeks ago counselor Kimberly Bronson wrote the entire faculty asking for the senior fail list. This is a very important document that details any senior who will fail a class and therefore not graduate.

Fulfilling this responsibility is imperative from every staff member, so counselors can make the dreaded phone call home that a student will not graduate or walk in procession as part of MC’s graduation.

Bronson thanked all staff members for their 100% response to this important survey, however she did note “Except for Carvajal, so I guess it is more like 99.5%.”

Coach Mark Green in response to Carvajal’s request for his “Devil made me do it” said “I already submitted my nomination. Set it right on top of your failing senior form in your office.” Green signed off with several kisses and hugs in the corresponding e-mail.

Carvajal faces full administration review in the upcoming weeks.

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