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Regulation falsification

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The news of El Niño had many San Diegans stocking up on necessities so they wouldn’t have to go outdoors in the unusually violent weather. Some families went as far as pulling their children out of school for a few days, bracing for the impact of the thunderstorms that hit California last week.

According to, North and South Carolina were hit with 24 inches of rain a few months ago, labelled Hurricane Joaquin. Floods, extreme winds, and a city left in the dark was just “another east coast storm” to those who heard of but did not experience the event.

The Union Tribune stated that San Diego received a full inch and a half of rain last week.

Mayhem hit the streets.

All weather stations and normal stations turned from their daily news to cover the storm. It was on every channel and in everyone’s mind as flashes of lightning crossed the city.

Weather regulations are different everywhere based on what people are used to in daily life. For example, a snowstorm warning on the east coast would mean layered clothing and a quick spark of the fireplace, whereas that type of news hitting the west coast would result in complete chaos.

This doesn’t mean the people of San Diego are weaker by any means. We spend the days out in the sun and are used to the outdoors always being nice. For other places, snowstorms are normal and it becomes a regularity to view extreme climate changes so no one really cares when another storm passes through.

I myself was kept up during last week’s stormy nights, hearing the crack of thunder and the constant tapping of rain hitting roof. These things are crazy for us not because we fear them, but because we rarely experience them.

The again, last year came with record high temperatures throughout the west, so the same argument can be made regarding east coasters not experiencing the struggle of drought.

Either way, the difference in temperature throughout the states is incredible, and each area is used to a certain set of standards. When those standards are corrupted, people feel pressured out of their comfortable lives and don’t know how to react.

For the future, shove in some earplugs and get some rest, as the storms in San Diego are not over yet.

About Laura Loomis

Laura Loomis
Laura is a senior at MC and news editor on the SUN staff. Besides a passion for chickens and ranch houses, she enjoys the unpredictable nature of life.

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