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Building the perfect career

For an average teenager, a part time job  would be spent working a cash register, or continuously  asking, “Do you want fries with that?” For MC senior Kayla Olmsted, her work scene consists of rides, ice cream, and pure fun.

“I have been working at Legoland since April and it has been an unforgettable experience,” Olmsted said. “There is so much going on everyday and there is always something new and exciting happening.”

Although it takes her 25-30 minutes to get to work, Olmsted claims that the long drive is worth it.

Olmsted with MC English teacher, Ms. Le | Photo Courtesy of Kayla Olmsted

“Over the summer, I worked 8 hours a day, so, in hindsight, a 25 minute car ride was not too inconvenient,” Olmsted said. “Plus, I learned a lot of useful life skills that I feel would have been lacking  if I were to be in retail or food. There’s a lot of mechanical practices you have to understand in order to operate the rides, which I have really learned a lot from.”

She originally thought of Legoland when looking for a job because she wanted to have a good time.

“I did not want to work at a boring food or retail place, like McDonald’s,” Olmsted said. “I felt that I needed to enjoy myself  if I was going to work 35 hours a week. As I was looking at all these places, I thought Legoland looked the most interesting.”

Olmsted considers filling out the job application form for Legoland a great decision.

“I recommend working at Legoland to anyone who wants to have fun at their job,” Olmsted said. “This has been such a great experience. I have made life long friends and gotten job experience while working a fun ride. It has been truly magical.”

Written by Allsion Burgess

Allison Burgess is a senior and sports editor for the MC SUN. She likes to run track and field, hang out with friends, play with her dogs and go hiking.

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