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Meninists: who they are and why to avoid them

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A new, slightly bewildering  fad has become popular among young men recently called “meninism.”

The term seemingly stemmed from a twitter account called @MeninistTweet, bearing a disclaimer saying the account is a parody.

Unfortunately, sexism is still sexism, whether someone means it as a joke or not, and something about the account is resonating with people strongly enough that they’re buying shirts about it.

I don’t see what the draw is, and frankly I’m a little frightened and confused, because @MeninistTweet is just nasty. I fail to see what is funny about constantly degrading women. The more tweets of theirs that I read, the more I kind of want to punch them, so naturally it baffles me that the account has 665k followers.



What meninism could be (and should be) is men embracing and aiding feminism. Instead, we have unpleasant white boys wearing #meninist t-shirts and thinking they are funny for making a mockery of feminism.

Essentially, it seems as though they are complaining about what they perceive as “injustices,” and have fun making feminists, both female and male, angry.

Why these “meninists” insist on creating their own movement to counter feminism is beyond me. Not only that, but men like this insist on making things about themselves. When #likeagirl was trending on Twitter, they worked to make #likeaboy trend too, apparently forgetting that the term “like a boy” is rarely used as an epithet to demean others.

The feminist movement isn’t really focused on men, but numerous meninists are determined to get attention for themselves and their movement by complaining about how unequal things are for them, forgetting that typically, women have it worse.

What many of these men fail to realize (or just ignore) is that feminism aims to help men as well, because misogyny doesn’t hurt only women.

Things like toxic masculinity and gender roles hurt men, and guess what? Feminists want to end those things too.

Feminism is about equality for all, and that does include men, even though women are the main focus.

So for the love of god, can these so-called meninists grow up, stop being so self centered, and learn a few things? Until then, we can only hope that they’ll figure it out.

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