Four years reaching it’s end

High school sucks. We are all told this, we all think it, and at one point or another, we all believe it. Those who work their asses off hate that they are surrounded by lazy students. Those who struggle with grades and just want to have fun and hate the confinement. The rest of us just feel loss in a crowd of faces. At least these have been my thoughts on high school for a long time, but reflection, like a mirror, can show details our minds alone can never picture.

This year is reaching its end and whether you have more years ahead or you are on your way out the door, take a moment to appreciate what you have done, because I promise, you’ve done something amazing this year. Remember the moment you aced that test you studied your ass off for. That time you scored the winning goal. When you and your friends laughed till tears emerged. The date with that girl that was way out of your league.

Take these memories everywhere you go, balance them with the failures, learn, grow, move on and smile. We all make mistakes, and we need to accept responsibility for them, but we can take comfort in dark times knowing we’ve all been there. We might not have experienced the exact problem but we understand the feeling, so don’t be afraid to open up to people, and help people open up to you. This world only gives back what it’s given so give it more than you need lest it come up short for those close to you.

High schools a trial, a test if you will, for the future. As I reach the end I find myself surprised to find people looking up to me, counting on me, caring for me. I’m just an average kid, but I’m confident in myself, and proud of what I have accomplished, the friends I’ve made and the souls I’ve touched, and little else matters. So as I take my leave, what advice can I leave?

For you incoming sophomores, find your place. You don’t need to be bound to anything but find something to believe in, to work for, and to learn from. At the end, we won’t measure our lives in dollar amounts or property owned, we’ll measure it in the things we’ve built and the connections we made, solidarity is all we really have. This isn’t middle school anymore, leave other people’s expectations of you behind and work towards who you want to be. Cookie-cutter just won’t cut it anymore, be unique.

For the next batch of juniors, get ready. Work your ever living behind off. This year is where you get to take charge, stand out, prove yourself. Welcome to the upper-classmen. Whether it’s pulling a 4.0, getting a lead in a play, or taking a leadership role in your club, it’s time to make people see you, so show them what you can do.

Now to the new seniors. Congratulations! You’ve made it this far but the game isn’t over yet. You now have people looking up to you, and the expectations of a rising adult. Don’t let them down, learn more, work harder, and guide those whose gaze you’ve captured. But most importantly, have fun. It’s a year of celebration for twelve years of fun, emotions, hard-work, and discovering who you are. It’s time for you to start planning the next step in your life, and no one can tell you what that is, so get ready, the ride is just beginning.

High school is a weird thing and through all the turmoil just be proud of who you are, you’ve done great. I’m excited and sad to leave, it’s a lot to move on from and a lot to move toward, but it’ll all work out. It’s been great and I can’t wait to see you guys on the other side.

Written by Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews was born on September 15th 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. At the age of two he moved with his family to San Diego, California. He joined the MC Sun newspaper during junior year and became the editor of the opinions section, starting his senior year. He enjoys many hobbies including model building, role-play gaming and anime.

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