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MC student’s Netflix addiction results in serious consequences

As the school year draws to a close, MC students feel the effects of the end of the year kick in. There is less homework, and, let’s face it – the students are more apathetic.

With time not being spent by homework, some students at MC are hoping to get their healthy eight hours of sleep.

“I am really hoping to go to sleep by ten, maybe even nine o’clock today,” junior Julia Wagner said.

Despite these lofty goals, Wagner never managed to actually get a good night’s sleep, instead preferring to go on a spree on Netflix.

“I started to get into bed at nine, but then I ended up on Netflix watching Sherlock, and the next thing I know my alarm is going off,” Wagner said.

This occurrence isn’t the first time, says Wagner’s friend Sofia Sandoval.

“She does this all the time on the weekends,” Sandoval said. “I think she really means well, but it happens every night.”

Sandoval also believes companies like Netflix and other distractions like her laptop and phone are to blame, and not Wagner herself.

“They should really put a time limit or something on Netflix, laptops, phones, everything,” said Sandoval. “It is really painful to watch Julia struggle with her addiction to these things.”

Wagner’s addiction to late night Netflix is also creating issues at home.

“My parents have also started to notice I am getting ahead of them in almost every show we watch,” Wagner said. “They started complaining when I spoiled every episode in the last season of Breaking Bad last year. After that, they have kept me out of every conversation related to any TV shows because they are afraid I will spoil every show.”

Wagner is also facing other problems related to her excessive Netflix addiction.

“I ran out of episodes to watch on Netflix, Wagner said. “I started clicking random TV shows after I ran out of episodes of Sherlock, but it seems like I have seen every one of them. I’m seriously considering complaining to Netflix about their lack of content.”

In today’s day and age, it is all too easy to get lost in a TV show, and with Netflix providing an alternative to late-night programs, the issue of being addicted to TV shows becomes the reality of more and more students at MC

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