Late work leads to false ideas of success

The educators at this school in my opinion are some of the best in the district. Many of them are excited to teach their classes and see their students succeed. It’s when the students fail, I feel some teachers have trouble accepting.

It’s a hard line to draw, where a teacher can hound a student to get their work in or rather just let them fail. Some teachers choose not to accept late work and leave it up to the student to get their work done in time and efficiently.

Others coddle their students and accept the late work in order for their students to pass the class. While I know the teachers who do this want the best for their students and truly want to see them pass the class, it does not prepare them for real life in the slightest.

In college, professors won’t accept late work, and when a job comes around your boss won’t accept something past its due date. I know that the teachers mean well by accepting late work but it is unfair to all the other students who got their assignments in on time.

Why should someone who completed their work thoroughly and submitted it on time be subjected to the same grade as someone who turned in the same assignment a week late?

Aside from being not fair, it gives students unrealistic expectations of life. Why work hard for something if you know that you can half ass it, turn it in late, and still get the A? Life doesn’t work like that, so neither should school.

I understand where the teachers are coming from. They care a lot about their students and they really want them to go far in both school and in life. Yet, to help them succeed, accepting late work is not the answer.

Sometimes someone needs to fail in order to learn from their mistakes. Reality is not always rainbows and butterflies, and I know this sounds harsh but the sooner people learn that, the better.

In life people need to work for what they want. Success is not something that is just handed out, unlike late work.

Teachers need to understand that by accepting late work, they are doing nothing but hindering their students. Sure they might pass the class but in the long run it gives a false illusion of how easy life really is.


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Written by Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy is the Editor of the most entertaining section, the Entertainment section. Raised by wolves, he is always hungry for another taco. He plans on attending either Oxford College or Cambridge University. He aspires to be the first human to visit Saturn. His favorite meal is burritos and churros. He is a Senior.

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