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Speedy is the Editor of the most entertaining section, the Entertainment section. Raised by wolves, he is always hungry for another taco. He plans on attending either Oxford College or Cambridge University. He aspires to be the first human to visit Saturn. His favorite meal is burritos and churros. He is a Senior.

Review: Snooze- A

I think that everyone from our generation can agree that waking up early on the weekends is a serious buzzkill, whether it be because of an appointment, a sports event, or going out to eat breakfast. Breakfast restaurants have seemed to have risen tremendously in popularity, especially in the cases …

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Age discrimination

I turn eighteen tomorrow and I honestly feel like this is the one birthday that I will actually feel older. I am finally reaching adulthood and all the perks that come with it. Say hello to piercings, tattoos, lottery tickets, marriage, and the army. Even though legally I will be …

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The rise in popularity of music videos has not only lead to the fame of music artists for their artistic, mind blowing, or astonishing portrayal of their songs, but also lead to the rise of parodies. A parody is a sort of copy or replication of an already made music …

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Homecoming 2013

    This year’s Pixar themed Homecoming achieved high marks with many of the Mount Carmel students.  “It was definitely a different Homecoming than before. We integrated a lot of party like activities like popcorn candy and a plurality of game trucks,” senior ASB representative Kevin Macaraeg said. In the …

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Happy Halloween MC!

Walking around the campus, cats, bananas, vampires, and witches roam the campus this Halloween! Students and teachers dressed to the nines in the best costumes they own celebrating this holiday. Everyone is preparing for a night of trick-or-treating, scary movies, parties, and staying out late because no one has school …

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