Justin Bieber: the Pinnacle of Our Generation

bieberBy now, the name Justin Bieber is a familiarity to most Americans. Now 19, the Canadian heartthrob has been showcasing his new found “maturity”.

Only 4 months ago, an allegedly drunken Bieber was caught peeing into a janitor’s bucket while expressing his hatred for Bill Clinton. Despite his blatant immaturity, Beliebers stood by him and aggressively defended the popstar. Obviously embarrassed, the Biebs managed to clean up his act long enough for people to forget his mishap.

All was well until he was caught a brothel a few weeks ago. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many people let alone teen idols who think that brothels are “in”. But I’ve got to hand it to Bieber. If the goal is to gain PR by completely tarnishing his reputation, he’s doing a stunning job of it.

Now, I’m sure Bieber is trying repress the memories of his recent slip ups (if you can even call them that) but I’m not sure he’s headed in the right direction. Recently, it was revealed that Bieber has connected with his entrepreneurial side by backing a new business. It’s a great idea on paper; “19 year old millionaire spares money to fund up and coming company”. That is, until you realize that the company he’s backing is an app.

Now I’m not usually one to judge apps, I mean look how successful Instagram and Snapchat have been. But in an attempt to jump on the image-based-social-media, Bieber has funded an app that promotes and endless stream of selfies.

Ah, yes it all makes sense now. A self -entered app promoted by an equally as conceited celebrity.

Written by Tia Simawang

Tia Simawang is a junior and the Features Editor. Tia is known for her erratic and constant giggling as well as her bubbly personality. But don't let that fool you because she is also well versed in the art of sarcasm. Born into a family of four, Tia has one brother who serves as her role model in life. She hates caramel and loves cheese and while she may not intially admit it, she's a tv addict who refuses to get help. When not in school, Tia plays lacrosse for MC and devotes her other spare time to the MC Sun, friends and tumblr. In the future, she hopes to get into a great college and eventually pursue a career that will let her experience living on the east coast or London.

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