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Kids strive for beauty

barbie-doll-cake21Body image:  a subjective picture of one’s own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of others.

Many males and females are insecure about their bodies. The race to be the finest specimen of the human race is underway and normal people aren’t equipped with Photoshop like models are. Folks are working toward an impossible goal. Some take shortcuts in getting to their goal with plastic surgery. Unbeknownst to many people, adults aren’t the only ones getting plastic surgery.

Across America students of all ages are buying beauty with their parent’s money. But is it okay for kids to get plastic surgery because of insecurities with how they look?

Many of these kids claim to be bullied because of how they look so they fix themselves with plastic surgery. Personally, I don’t think that changing yourself with surgery to stop bullying would help. The parents are shielding their children from bullying by trying to resolve the problem. It would be most beneficial to the child if he or she settled the argument themselves. Mom and Dad won’t be around forever.

Kids should not get surgery to correct their looks. By doing this, the parents are planting an ideal look in the child’s brain at a young age. Instead of teaching kids to accept themselves and others for who they are, kids will have a guideline to beauty in their heads.

Additionally, plastic surgery is not beneficial for individuals or society as a whole. Plastic surgery is like a drug. Once you get an operation, they don’t stop coming. One will never feel good in their body. It puts people in deep debt and pressures others to getting plastic surgery to “keep up”.

I suppose that kids are already getting procedures to help their looks. For example, braces. Braces are meant to make your teeth straight for a large cost. It’s natural for kids to go to the orthodontist from middle to high school.

Maybe in fifty years, kids will have routine visits to the plastic surgeon. Whether you support changing your body to make it look better, or not, it’s happening. Both Kids and adults are getting closer and closer to what society thinks of as perfect, and no one can stop it.

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