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Thor: Ragnarok did not rock

Marvel released yet another movie, Thor: Ragnarok, on Nov. 3. Although it’s another fun and adventurous movie following the god of thunder, it seems that this film’s underlying purpose is to keep fans busy while Marvel HQ works on The Avengers: Infinity war.

The movie starts out with Thor trapped by a fiery monster in a cage. While in this cage, he gives an update of his whereabouts since the last movie he appeared in with the Avengers team, in a little chat that he has with a skeleton in the cage. Thor then escapes and contains his enemy with ease, bulging arm muscles flexing and golden locks flowing behind him.

As the story continues, we follow our hero to his home of Asgard where he reveals that his brother, Loki, was posing as their missing father, the King of Asgard. Thor takes his brother with him in  search of their father, where they cross paths with Dr. Strange, who directs them to their father and ultimately the biggest threat throughout the film, Hela, goddess of death.

Loki and Thor are then banished to another realm while Hela continues on to Asgard.

Early in the film Marvel seems to mistake Thor for Tony Stark as Thor makes

quick comebacks and funny one liners prominent to Tony Stark.

Marvel gave side characters, such as a rock creature named Korg and more, too much screen time when their main purpose was only for  comedic relief. This made the overall movie disappointing.

Such comedic measures undermine intentional serious scenes by adding an element of childish humor that results in awkward points throughout the movie.

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However director Taika Waititi, manages to portray important character growth through Thor during the film. Thor is  much more mature when approaching Loki. He is not fooled by his brother’s tricks, a big difference from  his past films.

Thor also discovers how to control his powers without his hammer. With this character development, one can assume that it will be portrayed over and over again  in Avengers: Infinity War.

Ultimately  Thor: Ragnarok is nothing more than build up for Avengers: Infinity War, it lacks good basic movie fundamentals, making it a disappointing stand-alone  film.

Written by Kiyara Long

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