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Lorena Heymans

Just your friendly Canadian reporting on your daily school news.

Prahm-a over SeaWorld

As everyone now knows, MC’s prom for 2014 is set to be held at SeaWorld. Fireworks are scheduled for 9pm, the Skytower will be open and there will be a few rides available for students to enjoy. Despite the amount of fun SeaWorld has to offer for prom, many controversies …

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Boys don’t re-LAX

MC’s very own lacrosse team has hit a winning record this year, something that hasn’t happened for a long time. With the help of new coaches from Poway, the boys are improving. “Just the way that they coach, I think it’s better than any of the years that we’ve had …

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A not for Hot or Not

It seems that every week a new app comes out that creates a craze in the technology driven generation. From Flappy Bird to Candy Crush, new games ignite an addictive habit which may take weeks to break. But this ‘game’ is completely different. Hot or Not finds people in your …

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California Storm Watch

The threat of rain is always upon us in California. Even though it may not come often, the treacherous six storms we get a year threaten all of our well-beings. Puddles, wet grass, vitamin D deficiency, and hydro-planning are all dangers we must prepare for and face during these disastrous …

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The Girls Are Back

Springtime is here, which can only mean one thing: the start of the girl’s lacrosse season. The team of 2014 has started off strong, considering the obstacles they have had to face. Their record so far in the season is 5-4. Compared to last year, the girls have much more …

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Morp gone wild

High School dances are a rite of passage for girls. Dressing up in gorgeous dresses and wearing makeup to highlight your best features shows everyone how truly beautiful you are. Every dance has a low-key dress code; homecoming – short dresses, prom – long dresses; but then, there’s Morp. Morp, …

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