The Girls Are Back

Photo Courtesy of Robert Austin
Sophomore Marissa Macrae takes possession off the draw.

Springtime is here, which can only mean one thing: the start of the girl’s lacrosse season.

The team of 2014 has started off strong, considering the obstacles they have had to face. Their record so far in the season is 5-4.

Compared to last year, the girls have much more than just opponents to defeat.

“We have a new coach, so we are trying to adjust, and it’s different for everyone but we are starting to play as a team now,” sophomore Sarah Hawley said.

Last year’s team had many seniors on it, so the team has had to make a few modifications to deal with their losses.

“They lost a lot of their good senior players, so I know that they are having a hard time bouncing back from that, but they are getting stronger every week,” junior and JV player Alexis Canedo said.

During practice season, varsity’s goalie was injured and was replaced.

“Our original goalie got a concussion at try-outs, so we that’s been different” Hawley said.

Unfortunately the girls suffered a loss against Del Norte on Monday with a 9-6, but their fire was stronger than ever on Wednesday night against San Marcos.

“It was a super intense game, they would score then we would score, and then it went into double overtime,” Candeo said.

The game was stopped and called as a tie when junior Kelly Blichfeldt was injured with two minutes left.

“Everyone was really frantic and we were playing really rough, and someone else drove to goal and they hit her head and she fell and hit her head more,” Hawley said. “They called the paramedics and we had to wait 20 minutes for them to come, so they called off the game as a tie.”

Blichfeldt was in the hospital the next morning, but doctors said she had regained feeling back to her body and with no serious injury.

Despite the many complications varsity has had to face so far, they’re still giving it their all.

Written by Lorena Heymans

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