Boys don’t re-LAX

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

MC’s very own lacrosse team has hit a winning record this year, something that hasn’t happened for a long time. With the help of new coaches from Poway, the boys are improving.

“Just the way that they coach, I think it’s better than any of the years that we’ve had so far,” junior Christian Armstrong said.

The team is getting stronger and working together, which has brought them to a 9-4 standing.

“We have a better skill level; it’s a lot higher than last years,” junior Michael Dasch said, “when we’re together as a team we’re really good.”

Photo By | | Marianna McMurdock

Yesterday the boys faced Westview at home and suffered a 15-3 loss.

“We started out pretty strong in the second quarter of the game,” Armstrong said, “Westviews just a really good team and nationally ranked.”

Even though Westview has a national title, the boys didn’t let that affect them.

“It was pretty exciting, we actually felt like we had a shot,” Dasch said.

Despite the fact that the team is holding a winning record, they are still working to overcome their weaknesses.

“As a team we’re usually on or off, we play based on how the whole team is feeling,” Armstrong said.

They’re still learning to trust their skills and reach their full capability.

“Our four losses were because we put ourselves down and didn’t play to our full potential,” Dasch said, “but when we’re together as a team, we’re really good.

The team is determined to finish the season strong, whatever obstacles they may face.

“We’re looking to have a few more wins on the season,” Armstrong said. “We’re going to finish with a winning record no matter what.”

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