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California Storm Watch

The threat of rain is always upon us in California. Even though it may not come often, the treacherous six storms we get a year threaten all of our well-beings.

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Puddles, wet grass, vitamin D deficiency, and hydro-planning are all dangers we must prepare for and face during these disastrous times. So many shoes have been destroyed while running for cover; multiple hairstyles have been ruined during surprise rain attacks. Too many times we have been caught off guard, which is why we need to prepare.

Umbrellas are the essential weapon of choice. No one should ever go without one. This small piece of material can be one that saves the day. Wet sweaters, frizzy hair and wrecked makeup can all be prevented by an umbrella.

It’s also recommended to avoid stepping outside at all costs when it is precipitating. People become limited to actually driving the speed limit due to slippery roads and frightened drivers. Not to mention the additional distraction the windshield wipers provide. The roads we all know and love become utter death traps, it is best to stay hunkered down indoors and wait for the mess to be over.

It is incredibly important to protect your cars. Californian convertibles around the city are in danger of being damaged. It is necessary to design an efficient drill and route to roll up the roof of a convertible in the case of a sudden down pour. Leather seats and water do not mix; the threat of a mildew smell is always around the corner.

No matter, a 7% chance of rain or a 30% chance, you can never be too prepared for a disaster. Taking all the necessary precautions can save your loved ones and valued treasures.

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