Morp gone wild

Zsolomon-0493High School dances are a rite of passage for girls. Dressing up in gorgeous dresses and wearing makeup to highlight your best features shows everyone how truly beautiful you are.

Every dance has a low-key dress code; homecoming – short dresses, prom – long dresses; but then, there’s Morp.

Morp, which is Prom spelt backwards, is literally supposed to be the opposite of Prom. Fancy gowns and classy cocktail dresses are replaced with outrageous outfits, but lately morp has been taken to a whole new level.

Outrageous has turned into raunchy. Splatter painted t-shirts with tutus over jeans was replaced with sport bras and booty-short spanks. It is completely understandable that girls want to wear what they want, and it’s true that everybody has freedom of expression, but there is a time and place for everything, and school is not that place.

The way you dress to a school event is a matter of respect. It’s well known that teachers are the present chaperones of the dances, so that should be taken into consideration when choosing your outfits. It’s not common for girls to have more skin showing than clothes, so why would you do so at a school event?

Party buses, the beach, and your house are examples of where minimum clothing are acceptable, but school and it’s events are not on that list.

Some people may get the wrong idea of your intentions in the way you dress, even if you do not mean it the way they see it. It’s important for girls and guys to be conscious of how other people will view them to avoid certain situations from happening. Just because everyone has the right to express themselves the way they want to, doesn’t stop strange people from disrespecting your right.

Dressing appropriately to school events comes with respect and care for your safety. Be who you want to be and don’t hold back on expressing that, but just be cautious and aware of how showing an immense amount of skin around people you see every day can affect your reputation and possibly your well-being.

Written by Lorena Heymans

Just your friendly Canadian reporting on your daily school news.

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