A not for Hot or Not

It seems that every week a new app comes out that creates a craze in the technology driven generation. From Flappy Bird to Candy Crush, new games ignite an addictive habit which may take weeks to break. But this ‘game’ is completely different.

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Hot or Not finds people in your area and pulls up their profile. The profile consists of pictures the candidate has uploaded, their age, and the interests they have added. It’s very basic; if you think they are attractive, you ‘heart’ them, if not, you ‘X’ them and the next contestant will appear.

The app only tells you when a person has rated you ‘hot’ but doesn’t provide the information of who has hearted you. If both players rate each other hot, the app will connect them in a chat room for an opportunity to talk.

Let’s be real, this app is a recipe for disaster. Sure it boosts your confidence when you connect with someone you have rated hot, but let’s think ahead, is this really going to lead to something worthwhile? I don’t think the type of people that register for this app are the ones looking for anything more than a hook up.

True, they say you’re beautiful and pretty and it seems like there’s so much in common between you two, but what are their true intentions? You can never truly know. And this is all assuming that your hottie is who they actually say they are. What if it’s some creep ready to kidnap you? It’s so potentially dangerous that it should scare the pants off anyone reading this.

This app receives the rate it deserves, a big fat zero. There’s no chance that something positive can result from this. It’s just a bunch of thirsty people stuck in a rut craving attention and some physical satisfaction. Prince Charming will not be found on such a shallow app.

Written by Lorena Heymans

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