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Peaking in High School

Through its portrayals of high school via popular books and movies, as well as widespread discussion, American society has all but condemned the idea of peaking in high school. Denounced as the sad fate of washed up football stars and vapid cheerleaders, the very idea that students could enjoy high …

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Han-Lin’s Mastery of Conversation

The English language, with colloquial contractions, plural compound nouns, and non-finite verb complements are a challenge to native speakers, and prove to be even more of a trial for people learning English. In school, we learn how to master other foreign languages such as Spanish, Tagalog, and French, but this …

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Maggie Rogers: A Simple Rarity

Maggie Rogers is a banjo-loving breed of an ethereal beat baby and a 70’s folksy fringe Woodstock attendee. She graced the stage, or should I say pulpit, of the Irenic in North Park this past Monday. Set in a reconstructed church, the narrow room with a high ceiling and stained …

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Oh No My Turtle Ran Away!

Recently a new epidemic is plaguing suburban neighborhoods as numerous reports have been made of seemingly innocent testudinidae making mad dashes from their homes. Missing turtle and tortoise posters are plastered all around the community, posing the question “Have You Seen Me?”, with some offering awards of up to $20 …

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MC’s Got Talent 2017 Interviews

Mark your calendars! Get your tickets for Mt. Carmel’s talent show during lunch at the stage for $8, or at the door on Friday the 24th for $10! Thanks to those interviewed: Groovy Apples Carson Alfonzo Kamryn Cruise Priyanka & Prajna Daughters of Te Fiti AJ & Madele John Earnest …

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The Cheating Culture

In the classroom when a teacher calls for homework to be collected, the feverish shuffling of papers fills the room, along with whispering of panicked students asking to see a completed paper. If you were to look at the average high schooler’s camera roll on their phone, half of it …

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