A Sad Day For Lonely People

For years, people have celebrated Valentine’s Day as an occasion for all couples, lovers, and soulmates. But those without a partner, lover, or soulmate spend the lovely day alone. Valentine’s day becomes a sad day for them.

Man throwing a shoe at couple | Photo courtesy of Instagram

“I’m alone and surrounded by lovey-dovey people, holding hands, kissing, and being happy. I know I’m jealous and being a killjoy but not everyone has a partner, okay!” Lone Lee, a senior at MC said. 

Despite all the happiness revolving around February 14, a lot of single people are bothered about the day’s exaggerated decorations and mood. The colors that represent Valentine’s Day and the embarrassing activities people do make single people cry “WHY!”

“Do red and pink go together? No. Then why make the vicious color often used to symbolize blood and war, to also symbolize love. It does not make sense,” a single 40-year old teacher at MC said. There are a lot of colors that can be used to show love, but for some reason, a person thought it would be better to use the specialized bloody fluid, flowing throughout the human body to represent the love between soulmates. 

Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most overrated holiday of the year. In a survey conducted by the U.S Department of Broken Hearts, 9/10 people find Valentine’s Day “unnecessary,” and see it as an “opportunistic ploy to capitalize on holiday consumerism.” 

In the end, Valentine’s Day is “supposedly” only for couples who flaunt the fact that they are not alone. 

“I’m so happy and grateful that I met Johny – or was it Jimmy – or Jordan. Anyways, I’m just happy to have him. And to spend Valentine’s with the person I love so much in the world. There is nothing I want more than a happy life with him,” Beth’er Danyou, a freshman at MC, said. 

A lonely person would find February 14 the saddest day ever. A day where you wake up, look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and find all the couples posting about Valentine’s Day. Everywhere, there are Valentine’s decorations, reminding people of their unhappy and tedious life. 

“On February 1, I was already tired of all Valentine’s decorations on the grocery stores and front houses, but I can’t do anything about it. And it became worse, on February 14th, the bane of my existence came. Early in the morning, I heard my neighbors yell how happy and delighted they are for being together. Ughhh! And when I go to work, I see multiple couples being intimate but ignoring each other afterward. Is this what they call ‘love’ nowadays?” a 37-year old Sundevil said. 

How you really feel on Valentine’s Day | Photo courtesy of Seventeen Magazine

The date February 14 has many meanings behind it. One, it is a lovely day for loved ones and appreciating love between people. Second, it is a depressing day and a slap in the face for all single people. The former is much worse than the latter.

“We get it. You have someone. So what? Valentine’s Day is the reason I got to school miserable and cried in the dark corner of my room at night. It reminds me of the loneliness that has accompanied me for decades and how everyone around me is happy with someone while I’m all alone!” Emma Crye, a senior at MC said. 

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love for a select few, but for the rest of the world, it is a soul-crushing day that reminds them of what they lack.  February 14th is the day for fools in love and for others to celebrate SAD (Single, Alone Day), dining alone, and buying self-gifted chocolates. 

Written by Jashlene Cawagas

Jashlene Cawagas is a junior staff writer at the MC Sun. She joined journalism during her sophomore year via zoom. Her love for writing has grown over the years and regards everyone in journalism as family. She loves watching K, J, and C-dramas and some anime.

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