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MC student receives the role of Spongebob

Spongebob SweaterNickelodeon recently announced a new “live” version of SpongeBob for promotions and a possible non-cartoon version of the children’s popular show SpongeBob.

Producer John Artwinkle spent several months in search of the perfect individual to replicate America’s favorite cartoon symbol.

“We wanted someone short, annoying and with one of those pesky, irritating personalities that drives you nuts. We found the perfect person at Mount Carmel High School, of all places.”

“Ciro just seemed a natural fit”, associate producer Jennifer Benson said. “The fact he wears the same striped sweater every day, the same one that SpongeBob sings about was the decision maker.”

“Ciro will bring a new dimension to the show”, Artwinkle said. “We’ve been needing a restless, pesky little guy for a while.”

Ciro is also very excited for the role because he was asked to play is very similar to his natural personality.

“I think that this role is the perfect job for me to start off my acting career because I just get to be myself and I would never take a job where I couldn’t wear my beloved striped sweater,” Ciro said. “I am going on a two week sweater-streak and I am hoping that I don’t have to take it off for the rest of filming despite the constant nagging from my costars and mother.”Spongebob Sweater

By Aliyah Corrao and Tatum Tricarico


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Aliyah Corrao is a freshman here at Mount Carmel. In addition to writing for the Sun, she enjoys stereotypical white girl activities such as shopping and Starbucks. When she isn't drinking a caramel frapp or singing 5sos , she can be found in the pool swimming for MC.

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