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MC Water Polo gets new coach in middle of the season

The boys water polo team’s sudden replacement of leadership may signal a turning point in the season. So far, the MC water polo team has won eight games and lost seven, but the new coach has the team feeling optimistic about the rest of the season.

Varsity player Evan Gent sees a possible silver lining  in regards to the sudden change  as well as   the season as a whole.

“Our performance so far has been pretty good. We play well together,” Gent said. “We just got a new coach because our other coach stepped down, so I think we’re playing pretty well for getting a new coach in the middle of the season.”

Though Gent is pleased with the season so far, he believes there is room to improve.

“Well, the team has been super good at making these outside shots, and finishing on our offensive possessions, but what we need to work on is getting back on defense while the team is countering us at a fast break,” Gent said.

Varsity player Zack Soucek, though just as pleased about the new coach, is more frank about the team’s performance and the old coach’s departure.

“Actually having someone to tell us what to do and how to do it is really going to make a difference,” Soucek said.

Having overcome so many obstacles thus far in the season, hopefully MC water polo will have smoother waters ahead

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Luke Roethler
Sophomore Luke Roethler is a staff writer and Barefoot Contessa enthusiast at the MC Sun. It takes little more than a pack of gum to win his heart.

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