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Luke Roethler

Sophomore Luke Roethler is a staff writer and Barefoot Contessa enthusiast at the MC Sun. It takes little more than a pack of gum to win his heart.

Love is fake

American culture exalts love in all aspects of life, but really, love is just a neurochemical con made to trick you into caring for your children and family members in order to further the species. Humanity celebrates the molecular cocktail they call love in all facets of its culture, from …

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Journalism’s Decline in the Digital Age

Since the start of the information age, print media has been largely on the decline. More and more people are turning to the internet rather than tangible newspapers. This change doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing as it makes daily news accessible to more people, but the trend …

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SeaWorld Stops Orca Breeding

In an effort to restore their reputation nearly three years after the release of the scathing documentary Blackfish, Seaworld has permanently stopped the breeding of orcas in captivity. The move comes after Seaworld made the move to end theatrical killer whale shows in November, 2015. Ever since Blackfish was released …

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