SeaWorld Stops Orca Breeding

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In an effort to restore their reputation nearly three years after the release of the scathing documentary Blackfish, Seaworld has permanently stopped the breeding of orcas in captivity.

The move comes after Seaworld made the move to end theatrical killer whale shows in November, 2015.

Ever since Blackfish was released in 2013, attendance to Seaworld parks has sharply declined. In spite of new marketing campaigns, discounts, and promotions, according to Seaworld, Seaworld’s attendance has fallen 2%,  and net profit has dropped 85%.

Though they have promised to end orca breeding and theatrical orca shows, the animals already in Seaworld’s captivity will remain there for the rest of their lives as many lack the instinct or skills to survive in the wild on their own.

This action has been praised by many, but some feel that it is too little too late.

MC sophomore and animal rights advocate Anna Zois is happy, but not entirely satisfied with Seaworld’s actions,

“I think it’s a step in the right direction, and all of the people going against Seaworld has really been a good thing because they’re actually starting to do something now… They really have no choice but to do it.” Zois said.

Though she is very pleased with Seaworld’s decision, she thinks they could do more, “I think that what they could do at this point with the orcas, because I know they can’t release the orcas back into the ocean without any kind of supervision, but maybe if they did that with supervision they could roam freely in their natural habitat.” Zois said.

Seaworld hopes this will help the park recover some of their attendance and profit numbers and restore their reputation as conservationists among animal rights advocates in the nation and around the world.

Written by Luke Roethler

Sophomore Luke Roethler is a staff writer and Barefoot Contessa enthusiast at the MC Sun. It takes little more than a pack of gum to win his heart.

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