Joe Gonzalez| Photographer

Kickin’ it with Boys’ Soccer: success of past seasons motivates

Joe Gonzalez| Photographer
Joe Gonzalez| Photographer

Boys’ soccer had their first home game last Friday against West Hills High School. After a strained game, they lost 2 t-1 in a heated game.

Since the 2012-2013 season, MC’s boys soccer team has been trying to achieve the record they previously had. junior Carlos Valenzuela explained what he remembered during his memories from freshman year,

“Our team two years ago not only worked extremely well, but had multiple powerhouse players who played a fast and aggressive game for the full 80 minutes,” said Valenzuela. “Last year our varsity team was mainly composed of juniors, making us a little inexperienced in comparison to the older senior-dense teams.”

Valenzuela is considered one of the team’s powerhouse players, as described by sophomore Drew Nimry.

“Carlos is  the best forward our team has,” Nimry said. “Everyone on the team looks up to him as he has amazing ball handling and is fast allowing him to get fast breaks during which he drives the ball to the other team’s goal.”

However, the team will be

losing Valenzuela soon as he is moving to Mexico in less than 20 days, continued Nimry.

“The day Carlos will be leaving our team is a day we are not looking forward to, not only because of the great game he brings, but also for his role as a leader to the team,” said Nimry.

Friday’s game moved very fast and MC was able to keep the ball on the offensive for most of the game and took more opportunities to shoot the ball in comparison to West Hills.

Sophomore Derek Erdem explained how West Hills had a goalie that let very little past him.

“Last year, MC acquired a goalie from Virginia named Luke Williams  who had been scouted out his sophomore year by a few East Coast colleges and is considered a team asset,” Erdem said. “I would say the goalie on the other team was equal to Luke, stopping all but one of our attempts to score.”

Boys’ Soccer has just begun their season and are committed to restoring the excellent team they had two years ago.

Written by Vivek Monteiro

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