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A game to remember

Almost every student at MC knows someone personally who has faced cancer, perhaps one of the most demoralizing diseases in America today . This year, MC’s varsity baseball team decided to host their very own cancer awareness game against Westview High School. According to Junior Tyler Strangman, the purpose of …

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Zika Virus: An Overview

The Zika virus is a pathogen which causes a minor illness that usually is characteristic of a fever and rash. The main concern of the virus in the Western world is the effect of the virus on pregnant women. The virus often remains hidden in people. Over 80% of people …

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Political mayhem in the primaries

The race to the 2016 elections is officially in full speed with the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina,  and Nevada Caucuses completed. Texas Senator Ted Cruz won Iowa  with Donald Trump placing second in the GOP. Once in New Hampshire, Trump took the lead with John Kasich in second, and …

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MC’s got serious talent

A night breeze ran through the air on Friday Jan. 29 as Sundevils piled into the PAC for MC’s annual MC’s Got Talent. Almost no seat was left unoccupied, and a buzzing energy vibrated through the crowd as the show began. The show helps fund MC’s choir department and allows …

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MC’s Great Kindness Challenge

This week, MC’s Peer Counseling Club announced that Sundevils would be participating in a kindness challenge. The Kindness Challenge started in Carlsbad, rising to the national spotlight, and is being practiced in many schools this week. It is all about becoming a better person through social interaction with others. There …

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Miley’s Happy Hippie Foundation

  Miley Cyrus. While the first thought that comes to your mind is likely her provocative performance at the 2013 VMAs (Video Music Awards), Cyrus has morphed  from a teen idol to a successful entertainer, while also making herself a rather controversial figure. Supporting various charities like Habitat For Humanity, …

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Travel Corner: Vivek Goes to India

    Though senior Vivek Naik is known around MC for the community service he has done in Haiti throughout high school., during winter vacation, he had an interesting adventure in India. “Most of the time I spent in India was with family, but it was nice because our grandparents …

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Reflections On Yahoo by Vivek Monteiro

Today when  someone asks us a question we do not know the answer to, what do we say? “Google it.” This term may not necessarily always be referring to itself, but it is evident that Yahoo! has lost the monopoly it once held as premiere search engine. Yahoo, a …

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