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MC’s got serious talent

Photo Credit: Chianne Mallari
Photo Credit: Chianne Mallari

A night breeze ran through the air on Friday Jan. 29 as Sundevils piled into the PAC for MC’s annual MC’s Got Talent. Almost no seat was left unoccupied, and a buzzing energy vibrated through the crowd as the show began.

The show helps fund MC’s choir department and allows students to demonstrate the students’ special talents. Together, a panel of judges, along with the audience decide the winners. This year, the panel consisted of counselor Dena Tracanna, English teacher Kristin Talbert, and special guest judge 94.1 radio disc-jockey  Jesse Lozano.

Junior Megan Gragg attended the show and explained why she enjoyed it so much.

“There is so much variety!” Gragg said. “From classical music to soloists to group bands to dance groups, you never get bored.”

This year’s winner was the alternative rock group, Everything Undone. They have played

Photo Credit: Chianne Mallari
Photo Credit: Chianne Mallari

at various open mics and will be playing in Hollywood soon.

Senior Tristan Brooks and lead singer of the group describes how his band joined MC’s Got Talent.

“We thought it would be a good way to get our name out there and would help prepare us for future gigs,” Brooks said. “We were really freaking out because we never play in front of so many people that we see everyday.”

However, MC students have talent that goes beyond singing.

The hip-hop dance team, Homemade received second place. Senior Michelle Bernabe, a new member of the team describes the experience.

“It was amazing to perform with such talented dancers for the first time,” Bernabe said. “We are all friends and having a moment where we showcased ourselves felt so valuable and kept me motivated to be better.”

The third place winner was John Earnest, who won first place last year and second place the year before, as his ability to play piano was considered as exquisite by both the audience and the judges.

Photo Credit: Chianne Mallari
Photo Credit: Chianne Mallari

“Someday, I’d like to be a concert pianist,” Earnest said. 

The night left Sundevils and strangers alike awe-struck and pumped for the upcoming weekend. All hearts and souls of the performers were left on the stage, and the PAC awaits new talent for next year’s show.

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