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MC’s Great Kindness Challenge

This week, MC’s Peer Counseling Club announced that Sundevils would be participating in a kindness challenge.

The Kindness Challenge started in Carlsbad, rising to the national spotlight, and is being practiced in many schools this week.

It is all about becoming a better person through social interaction with others. There is a list of 50 tasks which students are challenged to complete.

Things on the list vary from simple actions to more thought out ideas. Some include smiling at 25 people, saying hello in  a new language, bringing a flower for the office staff, or showing appreciation for your principal creatively.

At MC, junior Michelle McFadden, the president of Peer Counseling has been leading the effort.

“Ms. Hatfield [the head of Student Services located in D2)] brought the idea up and we decided to lead the school in taking part in the challenge,” McFadden said. “It was especially difficult to advertise the idea to the school and required a lot of work on our part.”

The national group that is responsible for the challenge as a whole is called “The Great Kindness Challenge.”

Its message is, “Help create a culture of kindness on your campus!”

Though, some Sundevils have been skeptical to become involved as it seems like the challenge is a long process, McFadden refutes this notion.

“It’s a fun way for you to be more interactive with those around you,” McFadden said. “There are so many people just at this school that you have a story you’ve never heard.”

Even if Sundevils can’t do all 50, McFadden encourages everyone to try at least a few before the week comes to an end.

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