How to do Individualism the Right Way

In a world run by politicians and their motives, the citizens must have a developed view of the world around them. Most advertise political awareness to adults, but minors have a lot to say and learn about the way in which they are governed. 

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It is important for everyone, especially those who have been closely following their family’s political beliefs, to conduct their own unbiased research about modern-day political and humanitarian issues. When members of a society function under a mob mentality, democracy dies, because majority rule turns into a blind following.  

Biased sources of information cannot be one’s only reference. An open-minded and well-rounded individual is what democracy is dependent on. 

There comes a time in everyone’s life that the consequences of their actions cannot be blamed on their environment. Society must understand that most, if not all, issues don’t have a black and white solution. Therefore, an insistence on “rightist” or “leftist” solutions can only lead to chaos. Compromises based on unequivocal evidence and facts are the factors that should be at play. Such evidence can be inquired through extensive research, with viewpoints from all perspectives taken into account. 

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Selfishness should also be taken into consideration when addressing the trajectory of government issues, as society needs to look beyond its own interests and realize collective prosperity leads to an eventual increase in overall wellbeing. 

Many argue, however, that individualism is more selfish than collectivism. When everyone conducts their own research a fear arises that this may lead to an even more polarized nation. This fear is valid. When venturing into the world of politics and morality, it is important to remember that it should only be done with an open mind. When educating oneself while maintaining a tunnel vision outlook, the whole point of research would be lost. Individualism can actually unify, as long as everyone is working to better themselves with an open mind for the good of their communities. 

A complete and full understanding of worldly problems and their solutions is unattainable, as the world is constantly changing. However, this should not deter people from attaining a complex understanding of how to face the issues of their societies. 

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The more knowledge one gains the more they learn that they know very little. It is impossible to know the answers to everything, and answers or solutions are constantly subject to change. When forming opinions, it’s important to remember that contradiction is not a sign of falsity.   

As French theologian and mathematician Blaise Pascal once put it, “Thought constitutes the greatness of man. Man is a reed, the most feeble thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.” The impressionability of mankind can either be manipulated into a weak society or into one that is open-minded and compassionate. All it takes to form the latter is the will to learn as ignorance is destructive oblivion. 

Written by Roaa Alkhawaja

Co-Editor in Chief and Senior, Ro'aa Alkhawaja, loves herself a good week of reading, baking, tea-drinking, and eating more Nutella sandwiches than should be humanly possible.

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