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Holiday Hype

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It’s September. A full month and 13 days before Halloween, and it seems as though the entire city of San Diego has been infested with Spirit Halloween’s, tacky pumpkin decorations, and mainstream, bite sized candy.

Walking through drug stores and supermarkets after Halloween is like walking through a town that’s just been told about The Purge. The shelves have been cleared of all Halloween related merchandise and candy, leaving only a few wrappers and the sickly smell of fog machines behind.

The manic craze that seems to settle over Halloween-loving teens has taken over social media leading to the creation of memes, endless tweets, and Instagram posts obsessing over the impending (but not really) Halloween Day.

Though the masses’ infatuation with Halloween is one of the most prominent, the classic ‘Holiday Hype’ isn’t restricted to this night of sugar-fueled, costume-covered teens.

Soon after Halloween– actually, right after Halloween– cries of “‘Tis the season” and “Joy to the World” begin filling the streets when in reality, it is actually NOT the season.

Remember, it’s turkey season, the season for pumpkin pie, fake (or possibly real) thankfulness, and little plastic Pilgrims. Yet society continues to blow right through Thanksgiving to Christmas, thus forgetting all about the beauty of hand-print turkeys and store-bought apple cider.

So next time a friend of yours begins obsessing over Halloween or Christmas, be sure to provide a gentle reminder that their excessive holiday hype is putting a strain on your relationship and is annoying asf.

Written by Priyanka Shreedar

Priyanka is a senior and news editor for the MC SUN. She spends her time running long distances as a varsity cross country and track athlete, yet despite all her training, Priyanka has yet to conquer her mortal enemy: stairs.

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