Disconnect to Reconnect

There used to be a time when cellphones were used purely for making phone calls, but with the emergence of smart phones, mobiles can now be used for virtually anything. Apps are endless and as phones continue to become more high-tech, facial interaction and actually speaking to one another the old fashioned way (using your mouth and looking into one another’s eyes) is starting to become a thing of the past.
Picture the modern family out to dinner: every single person is on their phone, either texting, emailing or simply scrolling through whatever social media app tickles their ego fancy. It’s like talking to people and maintaining their attention is intimidating and boring. Personally, I was never allowed to have my phone out at the dinner table or when I was with my family, but I’ve witnessed this more and more with the emergence of the newest iPhones and as more places allow free wifi. Mothers often feel at ease when they can whip out an iPad to soothe their kid into behaving.
I’ve seen the words, “free wifi” bring pure joy into someone’s eyes before. To be able to turn off your data and still be able to creep through Instagram and Twitter while feasting on some delicious Panera Bread is literally the perfect date for many people. This is another reason why I’ve seen countless people walking around equipped with a phone charger and headphones – so they can never be caught disconnected.
When it comes to hanging out with friends, it makes me question how much fun friends are truly having with one another when I can be sitting at home and check my Snapchat to see each friend posting the same basic crap. It truly doesn’t make sense to see five different Snapchat stories all doing the same thing just from different camera angles. Put down your phone and enjoy each other’s undivided attention. You might find that you actually love talking to some of your friends, or you’ll realize that your friends are awful and you can then decide to change your social circle to a more productive group.
Too many of our lives completely revolve around our ability to stay connected. It’s making people become disconnected from the real world and all the beautiful things happening all around us.

Written by Dominique Barrett

Dominique was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She moved to San Diego her freshman year and started off high school as a Sundevil. She's played volleybal for the school since she's been here and is now on Varsity, she also joined staff as a sophomore. By her junior year she was appointed to the News editor. Another accomplishment would be when she was chosen to be a Sundevil Standout her sophomore year. Dominique has had a colorful Sundevil experience and looks forward to many more.

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