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Nude man sighting

Photo courtesy | Anonymous source
Photo courtesy | Anonymous source

On their way to school this morning, MC students were surprised with a roadside show at the Paseo Montalban and Carmel Mountain intersection. Traffic was stopped due to a streaker- you read that correctly, a nude man- weaving through cars stopped at the light.

Junior Noah Bertrand happened to witness the whole thing. “I was pulling up to the light by Carl’s Jr. and there were a bunch of cops piling on,” Bertrand said. “A cop car stopped in front of my lane so I had to merge into the other one, and I was stopped for five minutes.”

At first, students stuck in traffic assumed there had been an accident, since both an ambulance and a firetruck accompanied the cop cars at the scene. They were alarmed when the cause of the jam sprinted past in a fleshy blur.

“Eventually I saw people talking so I got ready to record on Snapchat,” Bertrand said. “Then all of a sudden a naked guy ran out in front of me, holding himself, and I happened to film it all. A lot of people thought that he looked like my dad.”

Junior Tyler Strangman, another unfortunate witness, recalled the outlandish ordeal.

“My brother and I noticed the man yelling and screaming profanity and flipping everyone off,” Strangman said. “As he got closer, he looked like he was upset at something. He looked kind of cold too, since it was early in the morning.”

Strangman is one of few who actually experienced a direct encounter with the nudist.

“My brother told me to lock my doors and I was just laughing, but then the man came up to my car and asked me if he could borrow my car,” Strangman said. “I told him no, and then he did some jumping jacks and walked away.”

Eventually, the police were able to contain the situation, and the man was held to the ground and handcuffed. Nothing has been confirmed, but word is that the deranged man was under the influence of drugs.

Although this wild incident cannot be unseen by those who witnessed it, many students agree that it made for a unique story.

“I feel a little scarred,” Strangman said. “but it was a funny and interesting morning.”

Written by Chloe Heinz

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