On January 17, 2019, a lockdown took place at Mt. Carmel High School.

“Attention Mt. Carmel students and staff we are now on lockdown,” Principal Greg Magno said over the intercom.

With students relying on one another for the latest news, word spread fast. However, faculty remained informed as the situation unfolded.

“Dear Sundevil Staff and Families, Mt. Carmel is currently on lockdown, students called police to campus and notified administrators after an incident during class,” Principal Magno stated in an email to parents. “No one was injured, and the student has been isolated to the theater, as police talk to the student.”

With police assistance the involved individuals were secured while the remaining individuals on campus were placed under a protocol in which no immediate threat is present however students must remain in their classes until instructed otherwise. This continued through second period in order to ensure a secure campus.

Administration reiterated to everyone the safety of the students of MC under lockdown and secure campus protocol.

“All students and staff are safe.” Magno said in an email to faculty.

As MC students move forward from this nerve-wracking incident, it must be remembered to treat the situation with maturity and seriousness. Students and staff alike wish the best for all students involved, hoping for mental ease and stability.

Written by Lauren Bratcher

Lauren Bratcher is a sophmore staff writer for the MC Sun. She is an avid support for equal rights alongside a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community.

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