Fitness Quest 10: Adapting During the Pandemic

As Covid-19 spread, many companies were given an ultimatum: Adapt to the new health regulations or completely shut down. Fitness Quest 10, a gym located in Scripps Ranch, chose to  adapt to their new reality. Now, as more businesses are able to reopen, the employees at Fitness Quest are modifying their gym to safely serve their clients.

Kira Dosenberry and Jeff Bristol in front of Fitness Quest 10 | Photo Courtesy of Kate Heald

Kira Dosenberry is a trainer at Fitness Quest 10, and is one of the few female trainers. Dosenberry works with clients to either help get them in shape or prepare  clients for upcoming sports seasons. 

“Instead of all of our clients being at the gym, we still hold our training sessions via Zoom or FaceTime to those clients who were not comfortable going back to the gym when it reopened. It has made our schedules a little hectic as we have to either find an open room or drive back to our homes to train those clients via zoom or FaceTime,”  Dosenberry said.

Dosenberry feels  now  is the right time to return to work and  continue helping people through the threat of CoronaVirus. 

Kira Dosenberry training Giana Spilotro | Photo Courtesy of Kate Heald

“I was confident with our staff and clients that they would abide by all mandates issued by our Governor and that we would primarily be operating outdoors, so I felt safe in that regard,” said Dosenberry. 

Giana Spilotro is a senior at MC and a client  of Fitness Quest 10.  She was happy to be able to return to her scheduled training sessions when the gym reopened. 

“I definitely feel safe in the gym. Everyone is wearing masks all the time and the trainers are adamant about wiping down all the equipment after each use. My trainer also does a lot of work with us outside, so we are more than six feet away from everyone else in the gym,” Spilotro said. 

Spilotro felt that the modified trainings still give her the “burn” that she had experienced when the gym had full accessibility.

“The trainings are just as intense, if not more intense, because we have been doing way more work outside. Rather than running on the treadmill, we do sprints and push the sled, which I feel are more intense,” Spilotro said. 

Eleanor Boyarko using kettle weights | Photo Courtesy of Kate Heald

Jeff Bristol, the general manager at Fitness Quest 10, shared some insight into how workouts have been modified to ensure a safe training environment. 

“We followed the state and county guidelines for wearing a mask when inside and if within six feet of someone else, social distancing, sanitizing the bathrooms and equipment, we shut down our showers and saunas, and we operated completely outdoors during the indoor shutdown,” Bristol said. 

When asked about his team’s positivity surrounding the idea of working through the pandemic, Bristol made it clear that he had lots of faith in his coworkers and that the team was ready to face any challenges as a united front. 

 “We are in the business of creating a positive impact in people’s lives and leading them to pursue a positive and healthy lifestyle so we generally have positive attitudes towards any obstacles and triumphs we are faced with,” Bristol said. 

The team at Fitness Quest 10 has been able to successfully modify the gym to face the new Corona-influenced reality, and their clients could not be more excited about it. Although this situation provides a lot of challenges, the Fitness Quest 10 team will not let that affect their positivity. 

Written by Kate Heald

Hey, thanks for checking out my article! I am the Features section editor and run the Instagram account for The MC Sun (@themcsun). I am a senior at MC, and am so excited to be studying Journalism in the fall at a four-year college!

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