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A fresh angle on Engebrits

As of his daughter’s birth date, MC teacher Michael Engebrits has been working on more than just mat. Engebrits also teaches AP Computer Science for all those who wish wish to learn the world of coding.

“I love all the relationships that I get to build with students. We have such a diverse student population and it is fun getting a chance to hear all the different stories and extracurricular activities MC students are a part of,” Engebrits said.

Since 2011, Engebrits has collaborated with over 1000 students in his work at MC and it doesn’t stop there.  Engebrits is constantly at tutorial for his students and, as one of his former students, he is a treat for any student to have.

“I am looking forward to many more years at MC. I look forward to making an impact on our young adults and continuing to learn myself.” Engebrits said.

Staff and students alike feel close to Engebrits and his growing family. He consistently creates math problems based off of things that happen in his lifetime, like finding the amount of fence he needs for backyard and garden. Engebrits keeps it fun.

“A teacher always has a passion for helping individuals progress. I help my wife and daughter with whatever I can. If I cannot help, we figure it out together,” Engebrits said.

He recently took paternity leave to celebrate the birth of his first baby Sundevil, a daughter named Paxtyn.  Engebrits has recently been taking one day out of the work week to spend with his family.

“I love being a father. I admit, I was definitely nervous and excited at the same time, but now that our daughter is here I cannot describe the love I have for her,” he said.

“Having a daughter relates to my teaching because I am trying to be a guide and a role model for [her]; this is similar to the goals I have for my students” Engebrits said.

Maybe Engebrits’ daughter will be just as good at geometry as he is, but until then,he sits y in his classroom, D-19, always there to help whomever, whenever.

Written by Daniel Kenney

Daniel Kenney is a junior at MC. He loves to hang out with friends on the weekend. He also likes to play baseball for MC. He loves his family, thanks them everyday for what they've done for him. Danny also enjoys long walks on the beach, and fishing with friends.

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