Photo by Chianne Mallari

“Improv”ing Themselves Everyday: MC Improv

In the second game of the hugely popular MC Improv team, over 300 people attended to see the battle between team Reed and Team Kennan. Co- captains of MC Improv face to face in a series of heated games.

Improvisation is the art of creating and performing a show for an audience, spontaneously and without any preparation. A series of games are played and whichever team scores the most points wins.

The referee walks in  telling the audience that whenever they are addressed, they must say “the audience”, giving each person a role in this high turmoil game.

Photo byChianne Mallari
Photo byChianne Mallari

“Everything was awesome, everyone did great and it was a lot of fun,” senior Kennen Billmoria said.

Kicking off the match was a game of Beasty Rap where both teams take a name out of the audience and  create a  rhyme that their team has to end. Winner of the game gets five points. Team Reed took the victory giving them a five point lead.

“It was really fun with the support from the laughter of the crowd,” junior Jason Goldfarb said. “It’s a ton of fun to perform because you get all this adrenaline performing in front of so many people. It’s such a great feeling when the whole crowd laughs.”

One of the biggest laughs of the night came from a game called Pan Left, Pan Right, where the audience gives out random nouns that describe the scene the two players are in.  Four players are arranged in a square and when the host says pan left or right, the players must pick up from the line the last scene ended on.

Hilarity ensued as players tried to recover from wild phrases like “Where do we get more lightsabers?’” or “I think I’ve gotten worse at this.”

“I think one of the biggest highlights was Reed  during Five things,” Billmoria said. “He was guessing everything right and came out with a 4 out of 5. Which is really good.”

Photo by Chianne Mallari
Photo by Chianne Mallari

The final score came out with team Reed winning against team Kennan by one point, ending the night of amusement for all who attended.

Written by Daniel Kenney

Daniel Kenney is a junior at MC. He loves to hang out with friends on the weekend. He also likes to play baseball for MC. He loves his family, thanks them everyday for what they've done for him. Danny also enjoys long walks on the beach, and fishing with friends.

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