Review: “World War Z” (B+)

This past weekend I saw the very popular movie “World War Z,” after previously reading the book. This novel is a fictional description of the effects of a zombie apocalypse.

While I did in fact enjoy the book more the movie, the movie was very enjoyable. Furthermore, the novel was stocked full of zombie gore and that highlighted the zombie apocalypse as a cryptic and gruesome thing,World_War_Z_book_cover making World War Z absolutely delectable.

The book is a perfect balance of brain candy and suspense for its readers. While it is very long, it is worth reading. Each chapter of the book is a single person’s account of the zombie war. The book goes into the grotesque nature of the zombies but also enchant elaborates on how this zombie virus spread throughout the human population and the effects of it.

At some parts of the book, I felt like the story dragged on a little long and was not as climatic as it could have been. While the author gave compelling accounts of the zombie war through the characters, some of this seemed repetitive and unnecessary.

If one is looking for a zombie thrasher book, this probably not the book for you. Instead this book is about the post effect of the zombie war.

“World War Z” remains a nail biting novel that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat with suspense and excitement.

Tastefully written, as zombie novels go, this book is extremely well written and delivers not only a compelling story but also is a pleasurable read.

After reading this novel, I can honestly say that I know how to survive a zombie apocalypse and I am utterly afraid of the undead.

With Halloween approaching, if one is in the mood for a well written, suspenseful, zombie full novel than pick up “World War Z.” I promise that this book will make you not only make you cringe after reading every page but it will also keep you endlessly entertained with its zombie greatness.

Written by Speedy Gonzalez

Speedy is the Editor of the most entertaining section, the Entertainment section. Raised by wolves, he is always hungry for another taco. He plans on attending either Oxford College or Cambridge University. He aspires to be the first human to visit Saturn. His favorite meal is burritos and churros. He is a Senior.

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