A spiking season for the seniors

On April 27th,  the MC boys varsity volleyball team went against the top team in the division II and won against Torrey Pines 3 to 1.

Team captain and senior Torrey Thomas was excited to be a part of the game before his last season at MC was over.

Senior Torrey Thomas
Photo Credit | Jenna Nicolas

“It was crazy, it was the most exciting games I’ve ever played in my life,” Thomas said.

As team captain, Thomas is constantly evaluating his team’s individual efforts, and he was proud to see everyone perform at their peak level.

“We just matched [Torrey Pines’] intensity level and exceeded that level and beat them,” Thomas said.

Cameron Einhorn,  also a senior and team captain expressed that it is not just physical strength, but also the right mindset going into the game that helped them win.

Senior Cameron Einhorn
Photo Credit | Jenna Nicolas

“We just kept an open mind,” Einhorn said. “They were seeded first and we were seeded fourth but we couldn’t go in the game thinking that we were going to lose. I think it was more mental preparation. We had to be confident that we could beat them even though they were seeded first.”

Senior and team captain, Tyler Green, agrees with Einhorn that being ready was a big part of them winning the game.

Senior Tyler Green
Photo Credit | Jenna Nicolas

“We wanted to be confident, but we knew that they were like really good so we had to play the best that we could,” Green said.

Green also expresses that as a team, they were ready to play Torrey Pines.

“We came out with a really good attitude and intensity,” Green said. “Right from the start it was clear that we were able to win the game and play at the same level as them.”

Torrey Thomas, Cameron Einhorn, and Tyler Green are hoping to lead their team to the championship one last time before they leave MC.

Written by Kiahna Sales

Kiahna is a sophomore at MC, and a staff writer for the MC Sun. She is apart of the football team, basketball team, and track team. She loves dogs, drawing, and going to the beach.

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