Girls Varsity Lacrosse

MC’s girls varsity lacrosse team reached the second round of CIFs in Division II this year, the best the team has done since their time in Division I. The Sundevils lost to Our Lady of Peace High school 11-9, however, team captain Lauryn Burke was not disheartened by this.

“I’m proud of how far we came and I’m proud of my teammates for their dedication to the sport,” Burke said.

MC Vs. La Mesa High School
Photo Credit to Arianne Oabel

Even though they did not win CIFs, Burke reflects on how the team’s improvement and growth both mentally and physically this season.

“This time it was a lot more different because I felt like our team had a special bond and connection that I’ve never had with any other team before,” Burke said, “As the captain, seeing people grow and just become better players was really rewarding. I felt proud of everyone for coming this far and putting in their best effort and dedication.”

Mt. Carmel Vs. La Mesa High School

Photo credit to Arianne Oabel

While the team was disappointed about not winning CIFs, most of the seniors, such as Senior Mikayla Reina, were more heartbroken over the season ending.

“Losing CIFs wasn’t the saddest part to me, it was the fact that our season was over and I know that I won’t be playing as a Sundevil ever again,” Reina said.

This season was one of Reina’s most memorable due to every player’s want to win.

“Every girl on that field wanted to be there and every girl on that field wanted to do well and wanted to shine,” Reina said.

Burke and Reina both agree that in order for a team to do well it must have a good bond. This season the team attributed their success to their strong team dynamic.

“This year all of us captains worked so hard to create that team bond we have now. That’s the secret for every successful team, they’re very close. You don’t’ see loosely connected teams that win, [only] teams with a strong bond succeed,” Reina said.

With the lacrosse season coming to an end the seniors can look back on this season as a stepping stone for the next girls on varsity to strive and beat.


Written by Sofia Lumagui

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